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Helping to find homes for beagles that have been abandoned, surrendered or are available for re-homing from owners who are unable to keep them.


Aiming to educate potential owners about the breed to help decrease the number of unwanted beagles that are surrendered due to owners having unrealistic expectations.


From March 2003 to December 2014 Beagle Rescue NSW has helped 1371 beagles find their "furever" Homes


Be a Beagle Buddy

You can become a 'Beagle Buddy' by making a donation of any amount directed to the care of one or more of our foster beagles.

After your donation is received, we will proudly add your name to the profile of that beagle on our website.

Plus, we can guarantee that there will be a whole lot of tail wagging to thank you for your generous support!

You can use the PayPal icon on the left or email for details on how to send a cheque or make a direct deposit.