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*** If you have a beagle in need of a good home, please go to the 'Giving Up Your Beagle' page ***

PRIVATE REHOMING DISCLAIMER  (Updated 3/4/17 - Important please read)

Please note that Beagle Rescue NSW (BRNSW) is not necessarily recommending the dogs listed below nor do we guarantee they are purebreds.

The information about each beagle has been supplied by their present owner(s) or guardian(s) and BRNSW only has their word concerning the background or previous environment of this beagle. BRNSW does not get involved with the choice of home and is just passing on the contact details for you to seek further information. It will be your responsibility to find out the history of the dog and why they are placing it and decide if it is going to suit your needs as a family pet.

We highly suggest asking the owner/guardian if they will agree to a trial period so you can return the beagle if things do not work out.

NB - Please remember to get a Change of Owner/Details (C3A) form filled out and signed by the 'Old Owner' so you can transfer the beagle into your name on the NSW Companion Animals Register. This is a legal requirement and means you can be contacted should your beagle go missing. You can download this form in our RESCUE FORMS section.



If you would like to know more about any of the listed beagles then please click on the dog's photo or the link for his/her full profile & contact the person stated at the bottom of the profile. If there is an email address it will be written in bold blue text.

Remember these are not in foster care with Beagle Rescue NSW so please don't fill out the Application to Adopt A Beagle in Foster Care form. You will need to contact the owner/guardian direct.

Please also understand that these beagles are not necessarily FREE to a good home.

** GOLDEN OLDIES (8 years & over) **

We still have lots of love to give the family that adopts us

ROXY -- Listed 5 May 2018 - 9 yr old tri-colour girl
Roxy is a very small and fit beagle. Lots of energy in the mornings and afternoons but likes to sleep and cuddle the rest of the time. She has been an "only child" but enjoys the companionship of other dogs and humans.
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COOKIE -- Listed 23 May 2018 - 8 yr old tri-colour gent
Cookie is a beautiful beagle boy. He has not been receiving his fair share of attention since there was a marriage breakdown. He has gone through the stress. He is very good with children.
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  (Under 8 years)

NUGGET -- Listed 13 April 2018 - 9 mth old tri boy
Loves my son and kids, very playful just prefers to be with the other dogs than listen to me. Typical Beagle I have been told. So I feel re homing him to a house more suited with less dogs and an owner that has the time for him will be better at his age. I love this beagle to bits, he is a dream on the lead, in the car ....
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SCOOBY -- Listed 25 May 2018 - 2 year old tri boy
We are heartbroken but we need to find a new home for our boy. We have tried everything we are capable of but we feel we cannot give him what he needs and he's punishing us for it. He destroys everything that's not basically metal and he'd still have a go at doing so. He's so great with kids our boys are 5 and 7. We have had beagles as kids ourselves and we believe an animal is for life so this is killing us and we were aware what we were in for with a beagle but feel as though its not fair on Scooby.
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Occasionally there are older puppies & adult beagles available FOR SALE that have been bred or are owned by Beagle Club members, they are NOT rescue dogs so please do not waste our members time by asking if they are FREE. They will be registered with either Dogs NSW or another state canine control organisation (have papers), are microchipped, wormed, fully vaccinated and in most cases, desexed. If they are not yet desexed, the breeder will require you to have the dog desexed at the appropriate age, as they are not being sold for breeding.