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Age: 2 years (DoB: 16/05/2016)
Sex: Male
Description: Tri-colour
Originally obtained from: Not stated
Where is he/she located: Rutherford (Newcastle area)
Microchipped: Yes
Last vaccinated: 18/08/2017
Heartworm treated : Yes (Interceptor Spectrum)
Reason for rehoming: - Scooby howls at anyone strange to him (neighbours/deliveries etc);
- Financial cost repairing things he has destroyed - he chews/eats everything he can get;
- We have a newborn baby & my husband does shiftwork so he does not get the attention he needs which means he barks all day;
- We have tried numerous means to intervene but nothing works
Health: No known problems
Temperament: No known problems
Used to Children: Yes, from the first day our 2 children were 5 & 3; he is very playful & gentle;
Good with other Dogs: Currently lives with an old beagle. Other dogs (my parents) he is inquisitive at first but then plays well. Barks at other dogs when out walking.
Used to Cats: No - doesn't like them when they stray into our yard
Allowed Indoors: No
Housetrained: No (sleeps in a shed which has a doggy door - toilet trained to go outside)
Obedience training: Self taught - can sit, stay, shake hands, sit & wait for food
Owner's comments : We are heartbroken but we need to find a new home for our boy. We have tried everything we are capable of but we feel we cannot give him what he needs and he's punishing us for it.

He destroys everything that's not basically metal and he'd still have a go at doing so. He's so great with kids our boys are 5 and 7. We have had beagles as kids ourselves and we believe an animal is for life so this is killing us and we were aware what we were in for with a beagle but feel as though its not fair on Scooby.

Besides Scooby's barking & destructiveness he is a beautiful, affectionate dog who is dearly loved & adored.

We are a young family with 3 children who have tried our hardest with Scooby & having had beagles as kids ourselves we knew what we were in for but Scooby has exceeded this.

We cannot afford to keep replacing & repairing everything in our home & just want the best for Scooby.

For further details please contact

Rebecca or Kyle
Ph: 02 4932 0176 or 0402 655 879 (Rebecca)
Email: rebeccacheetham2011@yahoo.com.au
(Scooby is in Rutherford in the Newcastle area)