Why adopt an older beagle?

Answer - WHY NOT??

When you have a look through the Available Beagles list, make sure to keep an open mind about the age of the beagle you would like to adopt. Most people immediately look for puppies because they are cute and cuddly and they would like a puppy for their children to grow up with. What many do not realise, though, is that puppies require an enormous amount of time and dedication to turn them into well-behaved dogs, almost as much time and energy as taking care of a human baby. And you will have the bulk of the responsibility to take care of the puppy, not your children. Do you have the time and patience required to train, house-train, clean up after, chase, distract from destruction, and play with a puppy? If so, you are ready to introduce a puppy into your life. If not, then you will have a wonderful assortment of older beagles to choose from.

An older dog will in most cases be already desexed, fully vaccinated, house trained and as he is fully grown, you know exactly how big he is and what his personality is like. It especially makes sense to take an older beagle if you already own an older one and are looking for a companion. Older dogs sometimes do not take kindly to the introduction of a young puppy to the household as young pups tend to be "in their face" and do not know when to back off.

Remember also that the average lifespan of a beagle is between 12 and 14 years. So don't overlook that senior gentleman or lady, there is no reason why you shouldn't have many happy years together.

Yes, baby puppies are cute but it can be hard work raising a puppy, especially through the early months of teething, training and several meals a day.

Male or Female?

One of the questions that is often asked is whether a male or female beagle is best. Most people who enquire about adopting an older beagle seem to think females make better pets. This may be because in other breeds a female is considered to have a softer temperament. However beagles are pack dogs and were bred to work harmoniously together. This means that the temperament is much the same for males and females. The difference is really in the size as the boys are sometimes a little bigger than the girls. Talk to any beagle breeder and they will take great pleasure in telling you that the boys are a delight to own as they can be more affectionate than the girls!

If you have been thinking of getting a second beagle...

People who are thinking of getting a second dog often ask whether it is better to have a male and a female or is it okay to have two girls or two boys together. In some breeds it may well be the case that a male and a female are a better pair however with beagles it really isn't an issue. For hundreds of years they have been bred to work in a pack, both males and females and it was very important that they all get on together otherwise they would be turning on each other instead of chasing the bunnies! It is for that reason that beagles have such an ideal temperament, they rarely take on another dog, no matter what the sex or the breed. There are many owners who have two males, two females and also one of each - it's really not an issue especially when they have been desexed. They really are a laidback breed but there can be circumstances where they will take a stance especially if it concerns food. For that reason it is best to have a fairly regimented feeding time - place the bowls down at the same time but separated. Beagles do love their food and will help themselves to any nearby bowl so it's best to be diligent!

There will always be a settling in period as it can be confusing and a little traumatic until he can adapt to your routine. With plenty of reassurance and establishing a routine, an older beagle should settle in with his new family very quickly, especially if he has lots of TLC, tasty treats and somewhere snug to sleep! If there is a resident dog there may be a few issues for the first few days as they sort out the "pecking order" but it should settle down quickly.

If you are wondering what kind of joy you may get from having an older dog in your life, please read the stories on the Happy Tails page.