There are many reasons why someone might find themselves in a position where they have to find a new home for their beagle. Sadly it can be for quite unforeseen circumstances eg an illness, a partnership breakdown or moving overseas but mostly it can be because the home was never really suitable for a beagle in the first place. Whatever the reason, we hope we will be able to help you find a good home for your beagle. In return, we do ask for a small donation towards our Rescue Fund (Rescue Organisations are exempt).

Beagle Rescue NSW does not have a shelter or kennel facilities which means we are not in a position to actually take your beagle and find a home for it. We do have a few wonderful foster carers who take in beagles that are in urgent need but these are generally reserved for beagles in a shelter or pound who have not been reclaimed by their owners or adopted before their time is up. Occasionally we will accept beagles in urgent need of rehoming from private owners but this will depend on the availability of a suitable foster home. If you are in this unfortunate position please contact the Rescue Co-ordinator with details.

Most beagles that are looking to be rehomed are not in dire need and can stay with their present owner/family until they find their new home. These beagles are listed as Privately Owned on our Fcebook page, along with a photo and information about the beagle which has been supplied by the owner. The owner's contact details will be listed and the potential adopters will ring the owner for more information. Beagle Rescue does not get involved in the adoption process, it is entirely between the owner and the interested person but we are always happy to help if you have any questions about the suitability of a home.

If you have a beagle that needs to find a new home, please fill in the on-line form - please click on the link below:


Please note: Due to people looking for adult beagles to use for breeding for profit we will only list females that are desexed and prefer males to also be desexed. Please contact the Rescue Co-ordinator to discuss this if there are genuine reasons why you cannot desex your beagle before placing it as we may be able to help.

Important: In NSW before selling or giving a dog away, you should get a copy of the 'Change of Owner Details C3A' form - click to download (PDF) or contact your local council. Both you and the new owner will have to complete and sign the form. More information can be found on the Department of Local Government website.